The Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine was created in 2012 and is composed of professors and technicians formerly part of the following five Departments:


- Dipartimento di Fisiopatologia, Medicina Sperimentale e Sanità Pubblica

- Dipartimento di Neuroscienze

- Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche

- Dipartimento di Fisiologia

- Dipartimento di Pediatria, Ostetricia e Medicina della Riproduzione


The Department includes multidisciplinary teaching and research activities.

  • The research project aims to favor interactions between basic, pre-clinic and clinic research.
  • The teaching project includes the following degree courses, which are managed directly by the Department:
    • Midwifery (L/SNT-1),
    • Heath Care (L/SNT-4),
    • Prevention in the environment and the workplace  (L/SNT-4),
    • Biotechnologies  (L-02)


or the following ones, which are managed in collaboration with other Departments:

  • Long single cycle degree in Medicine and surgery  (LM-41),
  • Nursing (L/SNT-1),
  • Biomedical laboratory techniques (L/SNT-3)
  • Second cycle degree for health professions in Nursing and midwifery (LM/SNT-1).


Moreover, the Department manages the PhD course in Molecular Medicine.



The Department includes researchers of the following disciplinary areas: BIO/09 Physiology, BIO/13 Applied Biology, BIO/14 Pharmacology, BIO/16 Human Anatomy, BIO/17 Histology, BIO/18 Genetics MED/04 General Pathology, MED/25 Psychiatry, MED/38 Pediatrics, MED/40 Obstetrics and Gynecology, MED/42 Hygiene, MED/46 Laboratory Techniques.