Teaching Assessment

Report on the days of questionnaire feedback
Teaching Assessment

The detection of the opinion of students (attending and non-attending), graduates, and professors on teaching and related support services is organized and monitored by the University Quality Office, according to ANVUR guidelines.

The main expected objectives of the evaluation are:

  • Monitoring the quality of study programs and support services for teaching by identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improving the critical points highlighted by student questionnaires.



The University collects the opinions of the attending student community anonymously through an online questionnaire that can also be filled out in the classroom using smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

It is extremely important to complete the questionnaires carefully, as the expressed judgments will be crucial to understand what can be improved, aiming to make the University's teaching offerings more effective and of higher quality.


ATTENTION: To book an exam, it is mandatory to answer a preliminary question:

To enroll in exams, you must answer the following blocking question:

Do you want to answer the questionnaire?

If you choose Yes => proceed to complete the questionnaire - If you choose No => you must answer the following question: Why do you not want to complete the questionnaire?

  • It takes too much time
  • I don't think it helps improve things
  • Other _________________________


The questionnaires can be completed:

  • From November 20, 2023, to March 17, 2024, for teaching activities in the first semester.
  • From April 15, 2024, to July 31, 2024, for teaching activities in the second semester.
  • From November 20, 2023, to July 31, 2024, for annual teaching activities.

The questionnaire can also be completed in the classroom with a smartphone, tablet, or notebook, with a timeframe decided by the teacher and, in any case, after 2/3 of the lessons have taken place.



  • It is mandatory to answer at least the preliminary question to enroll in exams.
  • The questionnaires are completely anonymous.
  • They are filled out for each course.